The Facts On File Illustrated Guide To The Human Body: Heart and Circulatory System

The Facts On File Illustrated Guide To The Human Body: Heart and Circulatory System
English | 2005 | ISBN: 0816059829 | 112 pages | PDF | 9,3 MB

This book is a concise, illustrated guide to the anatomy, physiology, well-being, and disorders of the human heart and circulatory systems. It has been written and illustrated specially for students and laypeople interested in medicine, health, fitness, and first aid. The subject is dealt with in clear steps, so that the reader can steadily acquire a good overall understanding. Explanatory texts, diagrams, illustrations, captions, and fact boxes are combined to help readers grasp important information at a glance. A glossary of scientific and jargon words defines medical terms in everyday language. A list of Web sites provides links to other relevant sources of information, and the index enables quick access to article.

There are six sections within the book. The first section looks at the organization and structure of the blood circulatory system. The following three sections survey each major component of the system, from the heart to types of blood cells. Section 5 looks at the lymphatic system, which functions in parallel with the blood system. The last section deals with how blood cells provide a defense against infection. Within each section, discussion and illustration of the structure and function of the anatomical parts are followed by principles of healthcare, fitness, and exercise. These are followed by a survey of the main disorders and diseases affecting the region. Information is presented as double-page topics arranged in subsections.
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