Manual for Eye Examination And Diagnosis

The first edition of this book was started when I was a medical student 40 years ago during the allotted two-week rotation in the eye clinic. At that time, all introductory books were 500 pages or more and could not be read quickly enough tounderstand what was going on. With thisin mind, each word of this 157-page manual was carefully chosen so as to allow the beginning eye care professional to understand the refraction and hun-dreds of the most commonly encountered eye diseases from the onset. They are discussed with respect to anatomy, instrumentation, differential diagnosis, and treatment in the order in which they would be uncovered during the eye exam, with 534 photos and illustrations. It is meant to be read in its entirety in a few hours and, hopefully, impart to you a strong foundation on which to grow and enjoy this beautiful and ever-changing speciality. The popularity of previous editions has resulted in translations into Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, and an Indian reprint.  My special appreciation goes to Johnson & Johnson’s eye care division, whichprovided a generous grant to distribute the previous edition to 40,000 students. Many of the photographs were generously provided by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals , several journals and many of my friends and colleagues. Elliot Davidoff, who sat next to me in medical school, and is now an assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at The Ohio State University, surprised me numerous times by sending me images without having to ask. It is an honor to have been granted permission from so many medical and osteopathic schools to give this 8th edition to 32,000 students. I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed
writing it.  This manual is unbiased in so far as I have received no monetary funding and I have no association with any company whose products are mentioned in this book. I would appreciate any recommendations and images which would improve the next edition.

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